Virgo and virgo love match compatibility

This is usually only shown when Virgo feels absolutely safe and secure, however, but the good news is that another Virgo is just the thing to bring about those feelings of security.

As well as being great partners in the bedroom, two Virgos make great partners in the boardroom, and in life itself. In practical terms, this will be a very well run relationship; this is a highly organised couple, with schedules for everything , a tidy and pristine home, well behaved children and successful, going-places careers.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Despite all that, they still manage to find time to fit in a variety of hobbies too, although these are most likely to be shared pursuits between the two of them rather than anything involving large social gatherings. A shared commitment to keeping finances under control means that this couple is careful with their money. Which is terrific for their Virgo and Virgo compatibility, albeit perhaps a little restrictive when it comes to actually enjoying life.

Ever conscious of a sense of duty, this hardworking pair can achieve much together, but they must take care not to become mired down in the day to day nitty gritty of life.

Scorpio And Virgo Signs Together

The biggest potential problem for Virgo and Virgo compatibility is that tendency to nag and to criticise. Virgo criticism is always meant well, and usually constructive — remember, this sign is a Healer, and hopes to teach others.

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However, living with constant criticism is not easy for anyone, not even for a Virgo. Fortunately, being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication , they can usually talk things out.

Virgo and Virgo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Enduring, tender and mutually supportive, this couple will hope to be still together in their old age. They carp at one another almost constantly, but they are also exceptionally loyal and understanding of each other. When two Healers come together, they can join forces to create a committed relationship based on mutual respect, and, since Virgo is a mutable sign , flexible enough to accommodate the odd upset.

Is Virgo Compatible with Virgo? - Zodiac Love Guide

As the relationship grows, two Virgos will begin to cocoon. Few things are as enjoyable to a Virgo as sitting quietly with their thoughts or a good book and when this is paired with sharing what they enjoy with someone they love and who enjoys the same, it's pure bliss. While others might believe a Virgo couple has a boring marriage , they do need the same things to be happily married.

They are two hard workers who need a simple home life and a marriage that allows for solitude combined with togetherness. Because both need the same things in a marriage it's easy for each to give the other what they need. Virgos are demure, patient, and attentive lovers who are generous, thoughtful, and sensual.

A Quiet Introverted Couple

Though two Virgos are sensual in each other's arms; they are alike in that they and are not spontaneous or adventurous lovers. Their time for sexual intimacy will be penciled in, planned, and routine.

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  • There will be few surprises. While this might seem a bit weird and choreographed to some, a Virgo couple likes it this way. When two same sun sign individuals are together for a while and the bloom of new love fades, it can actually be the ways in which they so much alike that will cause problems in their relationship.

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    • As cool, calm, and quiet as a Virgo might seem they do have a darker side. When a one Virgo is worried, anxious, critical, fussy, or starts complaining, which they are prone to do, they can feed their Virgo partner's worries and anxieties, and squabbles begin over the smallest of things. When a Virgo forms a relationship with another Virgo, they no longer feel the urge or motivation to go out and socialize. This can place them in an isolated bubble, where they rarely if ever go out and see their friends.