Cosmopolitan horoscope week of december 1

Current relationships will experience deeper intimacy or healthy endings.

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Self-improvement, thy name is Aquarius. Looking for career success? Courage, mighty Pisces. Some kind of confession on your end is necessary first.

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This weekend has sultry, steamy, and tantric vibes to it. Enjoy yourself! Speaking of coming together, this weekend has meaningful romantic experiences ready for the taking.

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You just have to be upfront about your readiness for commitment and exploration. Let it rain, Gemini. Make way for the inevitable abundance! Try something new to feel and look your best for the new year. Happy New Year, Cancer! A pleasurable, flirty weekend is available for you. You've have sucked the life lessons out of all the lemons life has brought to you in !

And you're feeling pretty empowered, like you believe you can handle anything now. It's true! So, use this emerging confidence and inner resilience to focus on what you desire most.

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You've got the drive and guts right now to make some really big moves and progress. Use this personal power to manifest a long-held ambition or goal. No one can stop you. Something you've been worrying about will turn out to be, weirdly, the best thing that's happened for a while. It involves a departure of some kind - maybe you moving on, maybe someone close to you, maybe a journey.

The dread you've felt is unjustified and the bravery you display by tackling this is noted and rewarded by the Universe. You're building up good karma points with your courage and compassion, and they will return to you as wonderful surprises as the month unfolds A trio of Coins cards this month, so there are changes in your material world - job, money, home, possessions.

Something you thought you'd lost, or was threatened, is replaced tenfold and you find yourself in abundance at a time you thought you'd be lacking! Play wisely and invest your extra riches, whatever they are. A Future You will thank you for being cautious, and you'll feel secure. Put some imagination into your New Year resolutions for , and you'll be richly rewarded. There's an opportunity to break a bad habit, or make a new good one.

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And it's got the potential to be life-changing, restoring your faith and making you feel fantastic. It's not the usual diet or fitness malarkey - it's something uniquely you, and which you daydream about either doing, or being free of. So, set some time aside to dream this up and make an inspiring plan. It'll be worth it!

go If you can dream it, you can do it. And you CAN, Aquarius. Powerful vibes are all around this December, willing you on to pursue a deeply desired wish. As long as you appreciate that getting this would create a 'new normal' in your life, that change brings yet more change, then you're ready to manifest. A concerted effort from you, and a step in your wish's direction, will yield positive and surprising results. Go for it! You are a natural-born worrier, Pisces, but this December you can truly take a break from stressing or overthinking.

Your future looks bright, and the power to make it brighter still is with you this month. The higher you aim, the better the outcome. So use your powerful imagination and intuition to dream the biggest dream you can, and then make a bold leap in its direction.

To help bring out this fearless lion, your style will be completely over the top and super luxe. Naturally, embracing your sexuality will mean boudoir inspired clothing with feminine characteristics. For you Libra, is focused on your new career blossoming.

A chic, polished and tailored wardrobe will help you power through the year. This year, you will get the chance to take a breath and overcome the major life lessons taught you. To help you show off the new you, your style will be fierce, sexy and most definitely head-turning!

Watch out everyone, Sagittarius is one bad-ass babe this year! Your style is going to be as bad-ass as you, think bold colours and fierce wardrobe pieces. Are you loving your sstrology style guide? Tweet us CosmopolitanSA. Read More Style. We use cookies for user experience and analytics. By navigating this site you agree to allow us to collect information through cookies.

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