February 10 solar eclipse astrology

This square can also spur an authentic quest to learn more about the meaning of life, and support jubilant celebration!

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Regularly stoke the fires of closeness, concern and compassion with those you love. All dates and times are in the U. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after. Everyone is affected by these global transits.

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    This month there will both kinds of eclipses. The full Moon lunar eclipse takes place on February 10 at 22 degrees of Leo and the new Moon solar eclipse happens on February 26 at 8 degrees of Pisces. The eclipse is most significant and impactful when those degrees are occupied by a planet in one's natal chart or if those degrees are on the angles of one's natal chart.

    Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 12222

    In general, the full Moon is a time when our emotions tend to be both heightened and acted out. The new Moon is a good time for new beginnings to take place. Collectively, the full Moon eclipse can coincide with social or political changes that affect the masses. The new Moon eclipse tends to affect leaders of nations, usually in a way that leads to some kind of change of leadership for various reasons.

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    It's interesting that the new President of the United States was born at the time of a full Moon lunar eclipse. His Sun sign is Gemini, his Moon sign Sagittarius. In fact his Sun-Moon opposition is 22 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius, exactly sextile and trine to the full Moon lunar eclipse this month. Sextiles are usually harmonious and supportive aspects, leading to the assumption that the full Moon this month could see him accomplish things that benefit the masses and improve his popularity. There are other aspects, however, that challenge that.

    First is the fact that transiting Saturn is exactly conjunct his natal Moon and opposing his Sun-Uranus conjunction. The former suggests that he may feel emotionally isolated and alienated. This transit lasts for most of the year. Other aspects that could mitigate harmonious connection to the masses are an exact conjunction between transiting Mars and Uranus in Aries being opposed by Jupiter in Libra.

    This transit suggests abrupt action that could disrupt international relations, perhaps due to the beginning of a new conflict or the expansion of a pre-existing one.

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    It could also bring about an intra governmental conflict over philosophy that could erupt around a Supreme Court nomination. In any case, impulsive arrogance and aggression could be exaggerated at this time by the full Moon lunar eclipse. In addition, transiting Pluto in Capricorn, which intensifies any conflicts with intense passion, is squaring this opposition.

    This pattern is called a T-Square. Integrating this T-Square into Trump's chart we note that it squares his Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer very closely.

    Saturn can represent control, but also fear. This aspect in his chart suggests to me that he has a fear of being unloved Venus and may react to any restriction of his will or his policies by being extreme, inappropriate and bombastic in response to those people or forces who are resisting him.

    Lunar Eclipse Meaning

    This of course is highlighted by his feelings of restriction, leading to emotional outbursts that could at least initially harm the masses. It could also create an atmosphere that could bring about health challenges for him. Eclipses are unusual events. Even though we can know years and decades in advance about when they will occur, the fact that they occur so rarely each year suggests that it is difficult to predict what might occur specifically during an eclipse. We can make general assessments based on things such as the signs being affected and where the eclipse falls in a horoscope.

    In addition, it's difficult to determine how long the effects of an eclipse will linger. Some astrologers maintain that the effects of a full Moon lunar eclipse could last several months, a new Moon solar eclipse could last a year or more.


    Eclipses: Tables

    Noting how early in the new administration that this transiting T-Square highlighted by the eclipses is taking place from prior to the inauguration until the end of March we could assume that his term in office will at least begin in a very rocky way. On Wednesday, Feb 21st Venus conjuncts Neptune, the planet that represents your wishes and dreams. So, one of the messages for this week is: step ahead in alignment with your Higher Self. This week begins with the Moon in Aries, the best sign for a fresh start. However, with the Sun still in Pisces, health and healing is still a primary focus.

    Solar ECLIPSE in Aquarius Feb 15 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Embrace & Explore!

    This is a powerful Monday to begin a new health routine, a detox or cleansing program, anything that helps you heal. Feb 23rd is another key day this week — by Thursday the moon will have entered Gemini and will appear as a half-moon when you look up in the sky. Astrologically, this 1st quarter moon forms a square or challenging aspect to: The Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Venus.

    However, this is one of those times when knowledge is power! Don't give UP, give IN — surrender to that voice inside of you that has your best interests at heart; your Higher Self. The sun is in Pisces from Feb 18 until March 10th. Plus Venus and Mercury are both in Pisces now along with the Sun, making it a special time to focus on healing of self, and even to take a broader look out into the world, which surely can use the benefit of our healing prayers.

    Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!