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The Beatles - Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Releases

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Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

Create a new password. And I turned around and looked at everybody and Peter Grant, the manager , his eyes had all gone big and red. And everybody was suddenly coughing. People suddenly appeared with masks and things like that and suddenly there were bombs going off, everywhere. And the whole thing about what I'm doing is that I've been doing it seven years and I'm. Plant: And so it's been seven years and suddenly I find we've been tear gassed.

So I got an Italian guy to come on and I told him to tell everybody to Robert purses his lips and blows several times. And everybody's blowing.

Eats Everything

And everyone was just sitting down and coming around and digging it. And I was getting so I couldn't sing, and the feeling, if you've ever been tear gassed, is that if you move, you've got 15, kids who are going to freak out. So you don't move and you become so nauseated. Anyway, it finally broke up and there were kids running everywhere. There were stormtroopers there, in line, and I forgot to tell you, as we got there, there were wagons all alongside the road, and there were all these guys lined up by the front door.

So I jumped out of the car and I was saluting and shouting and checking the uniforms and walking up and down the ranks going makes faces and I saw something I've never seen before, because they were completely devoid of anything human. They just looked at me as if to say "Objective number one" or something. And suddenly everyone was running. And the kids came running over the stage, and we split and ran down a passage under the cycle arena.

And then they tear gassed the passage. So Peter, who can't run very fast, was in trouble. So we found a room and we barricaded ourselves in. Broke into a medical cupboard and had all these fucking weapons and stuff. They were bringing the roadies in unconscious. We had one nurse and some oxygen and we looked out the window into the streets and there was fighting and shooting and cars being smashed and driven into trees and the whole thing was like a war. And it was because we stood up on stage. But that was not the real reason for it all. There were people who just didn't know what the fuck was going on.

And as we drove back to the fucking hotel, round the wrecked cars and round the fights and all that, there were roadside hospitals all the way to the center of Milan. I've never seen anything like that. And I got up the next morning and got the papers and the driver translated and just told us that the kids had caused a riot and the police had had to move in and do the fucking honours.

What was the No.1 song on the day you were born? Enter your date of birth and listen to it!

People lost their sight. I cried for days and days and everything I think about it, or I think of something gentle, I even saw a silly film with Cary Grant in it, and he was going on about what man must do to be man, and I was fucking crying. Because it just fucking hit me and if I'm ever down in America all somebody has to do is say.

Because it's an animal reaction. I've already been in a rathole once. And I know it's not just because we're radicals or rock 'n' rollers. It's because there's nobody understanding. And our side of the fence are going over there and saying "Fuck That", and that side is coming over and saying "Up Yours", and it's the wrong thing, you know. The concerts should be in twice as big a place and everybody should bring their parents. And then we can get it together. What we need is more of a bridge between the two sides, and in Milan.

What are you going to do? Over 3, fans without tickets attempted to storm the gates causing 35 youths and two police officers to be injured. On the group's follow-up tour in , Vancouver officials refused to grant a licence for their scheduled concert, after tickets were virtually sold out., Cody Wise - It's My Birthday (Official Music Video)

North American debut Whole Lotta Love An outstanding night. With the crowd outside crashing the gates , the estimated attendance was about 23, You'll note that the set list was completely different from the rest of the tour and that Moby Dick was not played that night.

The reason? My guess is that the crowd were ripping parts of the stage down and the band were trying their best with crowd control. Still, two and a half hours of the best concert I've ever seen. I just wish someone had recorded it. I was at the concert at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver,B.

I was standing about 20 feet from the stage during the performance. It was an awesome experience. I remember after the concert was finished when I walked out the entrance I saw all the doors had been smashed by a riot during the concert. I couldn't believe it 15 and on my way to Vancouver from Victoria to see the show of course my parents didn't know and we were stoned senseless best concert i've ever seen.

Really cool. Most memorable concert. Myself and two Grade 11 buddies from Victoria going to our first real concert in Vancouver. Pitty our fourth friend whos parents would not let him go. First time hearing Stairway to Heaven, and thought is was kid of boring compared to the prior material. Who would know it would be such a big hit. I was at the show as well as the March 21, Vancouver show. Both were a blast. Man, were they loud. There is an audience recording of the show, but it's not in circulation.

The guy who recorded it lives in New Westminster. Thus far he has refused to share it with anyone, which is pretty selfish. Nice write up on the show and thanks for confirming the unusual set list. Quite a night and like you, the best Zeppelin concert I attended Ally. I was at the Led Zeppelin concert in Vancouver. By their introduction of the Imigrant Song to a live concert for the 1st time anywhere, as mentioned by Robert Plant after they finished the song, I realized that Led Zeppelin was 'in the building.

I'll never forget that one, particular concert and I have been to a few. It was unforgettable, to say the least, and I am now 61 yrs old. Thank You, Led Zeppelin! I had just turned 14 the previous day and this is still a memorable experience for me. I remember them opening with Immigrant Song and the rush of fans going past us down the stairs who had just crashed the show.

I was able to see Zeppelin two more times in Vancouver in the early 70's. Glad to have found this site! From a lifelong Led Zeppelin fan. I remember this concert. I was in grade 8 and this was the first concert I had ever gone to.

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I was with some girls from school and they insisted going right up front and center to the stage. It was something, I remember the song Heartbraker. Grade 8 high on LSD. How much life has changed. I was a amazing concert that was sold out. People broke the front doors down on the Pacific Coluseum and rushed in. I remember leaving the building and see the PNE Prize cars with hoods trampled on as people walked over rushing into the building.

That was the mantality back then. Led Zeppelin Official Website. You are here Home. Photos from this show:. Video from this show: No videos for this show yet. But check back soon! Pacific Coliseum - August 19, Submitted by srapallo. Rate this show:. August 19, Pacific Coliseum. Rick shares his story: Ah, yes, Led Zep Rick: It was pretty hot out there. Robert Plant: Yeah, sometimes it gets a bit scary when we see half the stage disappearing Jimmy Page: It was a bit rough. Rick: Let's talk about what you've been doing since you were here last.

Rick: Isn't that what the club trip is like in England? A lot of smaller halls and stuff? Rick: And you've finished your new album? Rick: Do you like it? Plant: nodding head : Yeah. It was another atmosphere altogether. Rick: I'd have to agree, even though I've been accused of the same thing on a few occasions. Plant: Well, you've only got to be fair.

Rick: Yeah, but they're in it for the bucks and controversy always sells more than good news. Rick: What direction is your new material taking? Rick: Midnight. Plant: I am now Rick: Your birthday? Well, let me be the first to congratulate you we shake hands. I was there on August 19, February 26, - am — Brian Bingham not verified. I couldn't believe it 15 and July 24, - pm — Rob Kemp not verified. I was at the show as well April 11, - pm — Eric Vance not verified. I have my ticket stubs from both shows, plus the poster from the show.

Thanks LJ July 4, - pm — ally not verified. I had just turned 14 the March 19, - am — Barb Haines not verified.

Is 19 A Lucky Number

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