Summer solstice december 17 astrology

Circumstances are such that we may need to tone down our enthusiasm if our plans are lacking, and favor thinking in more practical, realistic terms. We may be struggling with decisions as we flip-flop between alternatives. This influence suggests a struggle with our expectations, faith, and dreams.

We may need to deal with the consequences of disorganization, extravagance, neglect, or exaggeration. The tendency for restlessness magnifies, and routine seems to be particularly unsatisfying now. We need to watch for a tendency to evade and avoid things, as well as for writing ourselves new beliefs or philosophies that justify this avoidance. There can be a lot of wandering, meandering, and lack of groundedness happening with this influence. We might have troubles setting boundaries for ourselves.

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Spiritual inspiration is a potential, however, as we shed false beliefs, expectations, and paths. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Sagittarius and is reaching full, with the Full Moon in Sagittarius exact tomorrow morning. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and is an emotional time—a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.

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The Gemini Sun encourages us to think logically, while the Sagittarius Moon persuades us to intuit and to think more broadly. It forms a wide square to Neptune, and revelations now might lead to a detour from our goals. We should watch for misinformation. This morning, the longer-term influence—a Saturn-Neptune sextile—is exact.

This aspect first formed in January and will perfect again in November. Both Saturn and Neptune are in the signs they rule modern rulers and connect harmoniously, boosting our ability to combine science and faith. We are both builders and dreamers under this significant and supportive influence. This can be an intense time for defining our goals, bringing a vision to life, or putting effort or the legwork into realizing a dream. As well, it can be excellent for softening areas of our lives where we have become too rigid or materialistic.

We may feel a stronger sense of mission or purpose. We might express our devotion through hard work or service. Mercury aligns with Mars in the sign of Cancer today, however, and both bodies oppose Pluto tomorrow. We can be very interested in producing and fixing problems. The Mercury-Mars conjunction is a good influence for motivated, energetic work, particularly related to communications and the mind, and, since it occurs in the sign of Cancer, home and family may be involved. We want to get right to the point so that communications can be on the insensitive side.

Keeping busy and making headway satisfies us more than usual, and it will be especially essential to channel excess mental energy constructively. There is a strongly competitive theme today and tomorrow. It would be wise to observe whatever powerful feelings that confrontations or conflicts arouse, as the energies of the day can have a way of pulling out suppressed anger. There can be paranoid thoughts or excessive suspicion, as well. However, if we aim to learn from our jealousies, they can bring us closer to understanding what we truly want. Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto today, and we can continue to face obstacles or wrestle with doubts and concerns.

4 Zodiac Signs The 12222 Summer Solstice Will Affect The Most

We might either feel a compulsive need to talk and question or to withhold information. We could feel compelled to expose a falsehood. We might also feel a lot of pressure to come to a decision, and we can too quickly become embroiled in power struggles. Pushiness tends to meet with stubborn resistance—there may be contests of wills now. As we deal with these things, we may be able to get in touch with our internal motivations. Outside forces can remind us of our need to take better charge of our lives, but shortcuts to gaining control will not work out for us.

These influences can bring a tricky or buried issue to a head. All in all, there can be a lot of frustrated energy that may lead to a greater understanding if we play our cards right. The Aquarius Moon is earnest, friendly, and principled. Our interest in our social life, new ideas, and progressive change increases. The Aquarius Moon inspires our need for emotional freedom. We thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences, and a Mercury-Jupiter biquintile aspect today reinforces this theme. Our ideas are particularly clever, and focusing on intellectual interests and problem-solving can be especially successful now.

Neptune stations and turns retrograde today and will remain retrograde until November 27th. This station can cast a veil over our affairs, and it can be challenging to see things clearly this week.

It can be a time of indecision or feeling in limbo, but it can also be a period of personal discovery. We may feel let down by a matter now, but this can lead us along a new and improved path. The Moon spends another day in the sign of Aquarius.

Summer Solstice & Astrology

The Sun moves into Cancer, marking the summer solstice. Until July 22nd, we are self-protective and insular. Mars and Jupiter form a biquintile this morning, stimulating our motivation to produce, act, grow, and improve. We are very resourceful and can find much to look forward to under this influence.

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The Pisces Moon harmonizes with the Sun in Cancer, stimulating cooperation and comfort with our emotions. Our powers of perception and empathy increase. We tend to express ourselves more genuinely when the Sun and Moon are in harmony. Read your full Taurus monthly horoscope for June. Is there anything better than enjoying your own season?

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Are you feeling a little introspective these days, Cancer? The new moon is charging an inward soul-searching journey for you. While the new moon prompts you to ask yourself the question, the full moon is going to help you see the answers. Read your full Cancer monthly horoscope for June.

The full moon at the end of the month sparks a romantic situation that makes you feel like anything is possible. Be open to the possibilities! Read your full Leo monthly horoscope for June. What is success to you, Virgo?

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By the end of the month, that full moon brings the home into perspective, and your may feel some family pressure. In general, the month asks you to stick your ground and not focus on the past or what other people want from you. Read your full Virgo monthly horoscope for June. Mid-month, the full moon brings to light some new information that you may not be open to at first—but keep an open mind.

Read your full Libra monthly horoscope for June. An interesting tie between Mars and Saturn midmonth will give you a fresh take on a sobering matter, perhaps legal. The full moon surrounds your self-worth and could make you question yourself in your creative vision. Read your full Scorpio monthly horoscope for June. Get ready for an emotional month as the full moon travels through your sign. This could make you hyperaware of power struggles in relationships, or even a little paranoid about how other people are treating you.

Thankfully, as the sun enters Cancer, this season change could help you dispel any negative thinking that may be more destructive than helpful. Some advice? Let it go.

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