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You will be at your highest productivity when thinking and working in solitude. Take it slow and easy.


You may want to pick up a scratch-off lotto ticket during one of the first days of the month for you could win a prize. With Uranus in your financial house beaming lovely vibrations to all the planets in Virgo, you do have a good chance of winning something. Having extra money will be helpful now and in the coming months, for you are becoming increasingly focused on your living space and seem bent on improving it. You currently have Saturn and Pluto in the home sector of your chart, two powerhouse planets that will allow you to transform your home to the dream space you dearly want to create.

If you say you like your home as it is, you may instead be helping a parent who will need your advice and assistance. The full moon of September 13 in your health sector will appear in Pisces at 21 degrees. This would be the ideal time to go for a checkup.

LIBRA - May 2019 Horoscope: Hard work DOES pay off!

With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. Power dynamics with a female relative in particular may have been volatile, with seething resentment or outright aggression welling up from the depths. Maybe your thoughts turned to your ancestors, with dreams about departed loved ones so vivid that they felt like a visitation.

Old family patterns and baggage could have surfaced, making this a productive if painful time to process the past and untangle those knots.

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That begins to change on October 3 once Pluto resumes forward motion, helping you pierce the veil of confusion. If the energy in your house feels off, you might try some Feng Shui techniques, starting with a space clearing and deep cleaning. On October 7, the Sun in your sign gets embroiled in a stressful square with rigid Saturn in Capricorn. Not everyone needs to know your childhood stories, nor is it appropriate to wear your heart on your sleeve in every situation. Keep your business and personal lives separate. A key partnership comes under the microscope now.

Does everything feel mutual between you? Since full moons can bring turning points, you might decide to make things official—or call the whole thing off. Ready to sign a business contract or to commit to one special person? This could be the day! For existing duos both business and romantic , this lunation helps you clear the air and get back in sync.

Brace yourself: Pluto in your foundational fourth house will be squaring this moon, so once you scratch the surface, you may find that some intense and layered feelings are roiling under the surface. Some grounding energy comes in beginning October 23, when the Sun shifts gears into Scorpio and your second house of work, money and stability.

The excitement and excess of Libra season gives way to an industrious groove. Prioritize your projects and devote your time to the ones that will build a sense of security—and a nest egg. If birthday bingeing left you with a lingering hangover well worth the fun! The key for any Libra who feels out of balance? Slow down. Less is always more when you get overloaded…and with Mars still in your sign until November 19, that is likely to happen for a few more weeks. Fresh financial starts are favored on October 27, when the annual Scorpio new moon kicks off a new six-month chapter for productivity and prosperity.

Keep your ears perked for new work opportunities, clients or projects that can build your professional profile.

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Halloween adds a ghoulish surprise when Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, starts its final retrograde of the decade. Keep tabs on your funds while Mercury backs through Scorpio from October 31 to November Conflict could erupt with coworkers and clients, likely over a silly misunderstanding.

Make sure everyone has crystal-clear instructions.

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Back up all your work-related files and strengthen passwords, especially on any online banking or payment sites and apps. Got an important meeting or interview scheduled? Reconfirm the time, date and details to avoid any Mercury mischief!

Hello, Glamazon! With the impassioned cosmic lovebirds harmonizing together in your sign for the first week of the month—something that only happens every other year—you have a stellar opportunity to follow your romantic muse wherever she leads you. You might be craving for a whole new look or image—anything that makes you feel magnetic and hot which, of course, you already are. Tempted to cross a line?

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Mars stays in Libra all month until November 19 , driving up desires but also competition and possibly resentment because in your harmony-seeking sign, the warrior planet feels stifled. Something luxurious, like an aromatherapy massage would be great. The place tension first strikes is your lower back the part of the body Libra rules so having a back rub would make very good sense. Your sign would benefit greatly from a day at a health spa whether deep in the countryside or a fabulous spa in town. Hopefully, it will be a place where light foods are prepared for lunch, and sports or other activities are blended with special treatments to boost your looks.

Are there any unattractive Libras? No way! To top it off, have a memorable dinner for two in an elegant restaurant with soft lighting and flowers. Venus-ruled signs love to eat out, but Libra wants the restaurant to be special. Some Libras enjoy a good court case since Libra rules the justice system. Or tune into Court TV on cable. Even if it is a silly case, it might take your mind off your own troubles.

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Libra also loves beautiful scent, so finding a new cologne would give Libra an instant lift, female or male. Learning to arrange flowers or improve your gardening skills might appeal to you as well. When it comes to hearing, sensuous Libra excels, so put on whatever music suits your mood.