Tarot reading december 2

A New Moon in your earned income sector on December 7 will stimulate Jupiter into action.

Tarot Dates, Cycles and Seasons

This lucky planet entered the same area of your chart last month, but there's nothing like a New Moon to make magic start to happen in an area of your life. Between Jupiter and this lunation, you can look forward to a bright financial opportunity coming your way. Or maybe it's just you, creating your own financial luck. Either way, more money is on the horizon -- and it's very promising!

Don't worry about not being able to speak up the way you intend. Sure, Mercury has been retrograde, but he'll turn direct in your sign on December 6. This will bring you internal mental clarity about important matters and decisions in your life.

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It will also bring you the ability to communicate information the way you truly intend rather than inadvertently sending others confusing mixed signals. The Queen of Cups is mother in the emotional sense, and there is a fecundity to the image that is spoken of in her own form of seduction: the parted lips, the eye contact that is both enigmatic and alluring, the curve of her neck.

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The Magus has ascended and brought something back that is feminine, knowing yet mysterious, asking you to submerge into the depths of feeling, taking you on a journey into what has not yet fully become conscious and realised in you. What has become flesh is emotional relating that is mature, sure of itself — drawn as it is from your intuitive connection with Divine love — and expressed with integrity, holding to the Truth of who you are. I love this reading, Thank you! It feeds what I am working on right now, today, next week and next year.

The Magus: my muse! Perfect how the imagery of this deck fed your reading. The same cards pulled from Rider-Waite or Thoth would have been very different.

Makes a case for having a diversity of decks and letting the first intuitive move of the reading the choice of Tarot deck. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Phoenix Psychic Fair December 2018

Click on the image for a larger version. The handwritten notes on the card further this idea: Inspiration, Aura, Crystallization, Self-Knowledge, clear Vision, Self-Confidence, Conjunction with universal intelligence. The words written on this card are: handling of all possibilities of communication playfully, flexibility, genius.

I am so grateful for your gift generously shared on this site. Whatever you do, make sure to trust the wisdom of your wounds.

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Manna Tarot Cancer

They wanna bring you more than pain or suffering. You are now in the sacred role of witness for yourself. These bones represent your beliefs about life, love, success, values, boundaries, desires, intergenerational trauma, inherited powers, etc. This is the only way, love.

Guided Meditation - Clearing

There is no rush. This is a gift only you can give yourself, so be generous.

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