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We have a lot of chemistry.

Leo and Aries compatibility in friendship

How would he respond if I started pursuing him? He was the one that was pursuing me heavily before. How do Leo men respond when the woman chases him? Especially after she rejected him…. I wanted him badly. I really did. It took everything in me to walk away from that situation. How should I approach him to make him be open to being with me again? The relationships all started out great. Leo men know how to act perfectly to win over a girl. The guys were all incredibly charming, flirty, romantic, funny, generous and I was naive enough to be won over by it. I even married one of them, as he proposed after only a year and seemed really genuine.

He even started doing it in front of me. The other two leos were exactly the same. I was too sensitive and deep for them. Leo guys just want to play, be entertained and entertain others. They know how to handle the other one and good luck to them both. But I would never date a leo man again. I need something deeper than that and leos just want to play all the time. Even without the flirting and cheating, it got tiring having to deal with essentially an overgrown kid!

I want someone on my wavelength. Its bcz he is confused.. He keeps receiving phone calls from other females still talks to the girl he cheated with. It is not true what they say about Leos being loyal, Leos cheat!! And I mean a lot!!! God… just relax woman. I am a Scorpio, halloween one. Men always go there.. If u know what mean. I work with men. And my guy is my client. A lion. And I am telling you… just relax. He, as a lion, needs to boost hia self esteem by other girls admiring him. But we, Scorpio women, we already know who we are and dont give a fxck if men like us or not. That will kill lions ego.

Let the Leo know that if he disappoints you, you already have more options to choose from. Show him you strength, not you weakness. Lions are afraid of mind games.. It will destroy him. Because lion men think they are the best at everything… big mistake. My leo boyfriend and I were best of friends.

We were rarely apart. Does that mean he isnt into me or is just wanting to take this slow. We live together but havent had sex in like 3 weeks. Please what am I doing wrong. He could go for weeks without sex but would masturbate and that would drive me nuts. The lack of horniness but still masturbating is a huge problem in men today….

I am with a Pisces man and he has the same problem. I feel like he just does it to keep me from leaving into the arms of another man. But when he do have sex it is so unsatisfying it is driving me to another.

A Leo actually. We went 5 weeks without having sex before I about lost my mind and finally brought it up. He was stressed out about money rent was higher in a new apartment and the toll that moving in together had temporarily taken on our relationship. All that stress had blocked any sexual focus and when I brought up that I was getting frustrated and feeling neglected, he reprioritized where that stress should be going.

Hope things work out for you! If you live together he loves you instead try to come into his world give him a back massage ask to lay in his chest if you make us feel like kings we will do anything for you and remain loyal. I have been in a relationship with a leo man for more than a year. He understand me even when am crazy at times he still show me that he cares about me. Even though at times we argue still together going strong. We both support and care for each other. My love for him is overflowing. I love everything about him. I can say he is the best boyfriend I ever had who loves me for me and not for just petty things..

I am currently with a pisces man but he is not giving me the love and attention I need. There is a leo man at work that is really good looking and he is always doing small things for me, buying me lunch and he even brought me a gift from a vacation he took. I want to be friends with him. I ran into him outside of work. Sex with my pisces man is so unsatisfying i find myself wondering how the leo man could love me.

Leave the pisces man. You are not satisfied and your needs and feelings are utterly and completely valid and necessary to be fulfilled and understood. Omg I am in the same exact situation. My boyfriend is Pisces and I had a very intense encounter with a Leo man. We almost had sex and the chemistry was out of this world. I actually hate having sex with my pisces man. It feels like a chore and like the r word. I think I will pursue this Leo man…. I know I hurt his pride….. I have had a somewhat middle relationship, compared to this article.

We met almost 4 years ago and since then, he has cheated on me once and broken up with me again after we reconnected. There were many instances where he would shy away from being in love. He would always come back around and say he could never stop thinking about me, but his pride got in the way of him ever reaching out to me. It left me feeling unwanted and fueling negative feelings about him every time he made his way back into my life.

When things were good, they were really good. We fight, I am too stubborn to talk to him and he is too stubborn to talk to me. It happens again and again and again. I had a high school bf who strung me along for a number or years until about 25 when I finally was able to cut him out of my life. He is a Leo narcissistic, immature, insecure, possessive which is a result of the insecurity, a liar, cheater with my best friend at the time , and a complete loser. But his charming words manipulated me in a such a way that every time we fought because of the way he was behaving hed make me feel guilty like it was my fault.

He was definitely mentally f-ing me. I had a close friend for a number of years whose a Leo and a sister whose a Leo.

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Both liars!!! They mostly do it so they never look bad. Also, very possessive and koo-koo in relationships. Also both heavy religious fanatics but it seems disingenuine. My sister was married to a Leo who was born of the same day as my now seperated husband. Both men are extremely passive. Both men have issues conveying who they really are almost as if they only let us see what they think we want to see.

Also, both men had issues with responsibility and being Alpha to our Alpha personalities. Surprisingly my sister and I both seperated from our husbands in exactly the same year. He was loyal physically but mentally and emotionally he was withdrawn and seeking other forms of attention and intimacy elsewhere. We are still friends and have remained seperated. Plus we are actually really different people in a lot of ways.

He is very well endowed and I enjoyed our sexual relationship but I always felt it was not enough for him to feel satisfied. He was looking to push the envelope sexual. I tell him it could be the thing to break the relationship. The lack of sex drive due to stress for the Virgo is too common as I hear in other comments across the internet. The lack of trust and honesty with Leo drives me bonkers.

Am a leo man who loves his scorpio woman intimately… the write explains it all.. Cherish her and show her your love, make love to her like you want to please her, not just please yourself, and she will be forever yours. I am a scorpio female with a leo male. This is by far the best relationship I have ever been in, in my life. He is understanding, trusting, loyal, passionate, generous, considerate, affectionate, and always does what he can to put my happiness first.

I feel comfortable and at ease with him. He makes me feel safe to open up to him and be myself. He keeps life fun.

Leo in Love - Astro Sign Compatibility

I try to give back to him what he does for me. I love my Leo! Agree with Paula. I am Scorpio woman. And my leo husband wife is freaking amazing.. I am his pillow queen. Role playing,caressing, holding,kissing,etc. Paula right on. Love oral sex. God and goddess. He have beautiful deep dimples of Venus on his round booty and thigh better than women and men. I love my man he is the greatest. Reading this makes me happy. The Scorpion and the Frog — One day, a scorpion looked around at the mountain where he lived and decided that he wanted a change. So he set out on a journey through the forests and hills.

He climbed over rocks and under vines and kept going until he reached a river. The river was wide and swift, and the scorpion stopped to reconsider the situation. So he ran upriver and then checked downriver, all the while thinking that he might have to turn back. Suddenly, he saw a frog sitting in the rushes by the bank of the stream on the other side of the river. He decided to ask the frog for help getting across the stream.

How do I know that if I try to help you, you wont try to kill me? Now this seemed to make sense to the frog. But he asked. You could still try to kill me and get back to the shore! So the frog agreed to take the scorpion across the river. He swam over to the bank and settled himself near the mud to pick up his passenger. The muddy water swirled around them, but the frog stayed near the surface so the scorpion would not drown. He kicked strongly through the first half of the stream, his flippers paddling wildly against the current. A deadening numbness began to creep into his limbs.

Why on earth did you do that? I am a scorpio woman and knew this leo man for years and he always asked to hang out. One day I finally said lets go out! Well I started liking him but at the time I was dating someone else, and I noticed this Leo would do anything to impress me, based on what I told him about this guy I was dating. I told him how much I appreciate his muscular body, and BOOM, he shows me his guns and starts to go to the gym religiously.

So I stop seeing this other guy and just a few days apart, this guy asks me to become his girlfriend. The first month, I noticed he would get really possessive. He would want to spend every day with me, and constantly text me. It felt forced and un-natural. But instead of apologizing, he said I have no sense of humor and I need to relax more…. He spoiled me rotten though. He would get me anything I wanted and do anything I asked — so in a way he did keep me happy in that sense.

But the biggest problem was that he was too narcistic and proud of himself, in the meantime he thought he is the shit, and whatever he says, IS whatever he says. It is as if he really thinks he is the brightest man alive. His narcissistic nature also got old. He constantly would tell me that he is the most good looking person In their family. He was too VAIN! My guy friend texted me about something and he liked me so I told him, because I was comfortable with him. Yes the subject was about a threesome, but I would have never done anything to jeopardize my relationship with my bf.

Sad experience. Stay away from leos. I trust her and she trusts me. Hi I am a Scorpio woman was with a leo man for about five in half years. Leo man was charming at first however became very possessive. To be honest he was one of the biggest liers I have ever encounter.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

I should of left from beginning for some reason was a softy. He was a narcissism, so ladies and gentlemen always beaware of people like them. Not all are probably like that but mine was. However I left him and was hard but now I am free. Just always remember we are in control of our destiny. Love and always to the world. Same thing with, we have amazing sex, but he has trust issues, I never cheated on him. I know what it like being cheated. But he thinks every guy wants me, he accuse me when I never gave him any idea. Scorpio female, who have questions for the Leo men???

What capture your interest in a Scorpio woman? I know a lot of the Leo male out there and not all of them will cheat and lie etc. But I agree they like to be complimented. They seek attention and admiration because they like to be in the spot light. They want people to follow them like a puppy. They are protective of their friends. They are also very opinionated. My experience with my past boyfriend, I rarely express my feelings to my boyfriend at the time being. I initiate a break up , due to the negligence on his behalf. I really wanted a man that can go through with me through struggling times.

So I feel like he is trying to escape his own reality by explaining anything. So to speak, I crave and want one thing the most but he can not give it to me. I do want to be disappointed over an over and to build up having trust issue because of this. It would be one rocky relationship. Many times it would be like being stuck in traffic, wondering when will I get to the destination.

Or taking a lot of turns when will it be right this time. Our life is a learning experience. I was at many party gathering where I will meet a lot of people. But one or a few men that caught my devoted attention. They like to be approached. That intensity of attraction is like lightning and thunder. You never know when lightning hits and rain falls. But we were far apart from sitting across the table, staring at each other immensely. I talked to everyone else but him.

He talked to everyone else but me. But anyways, In conclusion, I disappear for months until I show up for the gathering. When I attended their party at a later time, everything was too late, he is already married. We can not let time passes by.

http://mygaytrip.com/hydroxychloroquine-et-diphosphate-de-chloroquine-capsules.php If there is an opportunity in front of us, guessing is old. We just have to be more daring and honestly give it a shot. Like fireworks, we need to light it up in order for it it spark. At first I am highly attracted to Leo men physically. After putting the puzzle together it was over. I initiated the breakup twice in the last 5 months and we had known each other as co-workers for 4 years until I quit my job. But after a short period of time, when He spent time with me outside of work. And he definitely loved to be adore and admired.

I have to say he is unpredictable. I lost that admiration I had towards. I need a man that is there for me. Someone that I can depend on if something bad happen or if I needed help on something I can rely on him. But explains nothing more. He is more jealous and mostly the one that does all the calling and texting. I am more affectionate then him publicly and he is opposite because he liked to be affectionate only privately.

Mentality wise, forget it! I tried to make it work the first time, but after awhile I just feel tired and i no longer feel the same way for him. It is the true meaning of a tornado meets a volcano!! We spit venom at each other more deadly that funnel webs! He is very jealous and possessive, I to have my moments! Just not as often. And let him have his delusions of grandure.. It actually assuming sometimes.. Sometimes he acts so crazy I feel like kiiling him.. On the other hand he is very protective and loving.. The sex is explosive and mind blowing!

He is never selfish in bed and always willing to please.. He can touch me in one certain place and he has me begging for more.. We are like each others worst poison but each others most potent antidote.. Its aggravating not being able to show our true feelings, I just want to give him all my affection. Which also includes dancing with other girls, and we all know what happens there. But backstage, when we have time to ourselves, we dance to the music of the performers onstage. Told you I was young!

And despite that fact after 8 months together, I suddenly lost her in an accident years ago, there will never be another woman for me ever and I still tear up years after as I write this. Well, ours was all of that and much, much more!! Despite her being a very successful year old woman, I knew she carried alot of pain within and that it was right there below the surface constantly chasing her and driving her on.

Very complicated person with most often way too much going on and who required extraordinary patience on my part while giving me relatively little to none in return and was self-admittedly quite selfish, opinionated, and egotistical. And that is what you will really have to do with the very complicated and mysterious, yet sensitive and ultimately vulnerable Scorpio woman. I am a Scorpio women 37 and you explained your Scorpio exactly like me. Sorry for your loss.? Thank you for sharing your story.

She sounds very true to her sign. I myself am a Scorpio woman and the way you described her sounds a lot like me. I have never felt this way about a man before and even though some of the negative aspects described above hold true, I know that I am falling for him and that this love can only get better. Truly, this relationship can result in the ultimate power couple.

I hope you meet a woman like her again. It is kind of easy for them to be together, but of course, not all the times. There is a lot of connection between them. There is no limit for them to go and show their value and braveness. There will be anger, discussions, fears… the battle is a part of their way of living. Leo and Aries share a lot of characteristics and traits in their personalities that influence in their social lives. Both are enthusiastic, extrovert, optimistic, fun, adventurous and energetic.

Aries and Leo in friendship are a great combination. However, Aries is more impulsive than Leo, so Leo can help Aries to rush less and keep a bit calmer. Anyways, great adventures are waiting for you two! As we have seen before, yes.

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  • The friendship of Leo and Aries as a male-female relationship are almost impossible. They are meant to end up as a couple —and one of the good ones! When we talk about familiar relationships, Aries and Leo are very compatible in almost any environment , so if they are thinking about starting a family, it should turn out well-structured and stable.

    When Aries and Leo have kids, these make bonds even tighter between the father and the mother. They both will feel strong, in their own roles and supporting each other to overcome any problem that may appear. Aries and Leo in love are one of the best combinations of the zodiac, as we have told you before. Both are signs ruled by the element of fire and the fire is always burning! And what happens when you put two flames together? Yes, they make a bigger one! Imagine the power of Leo and Aries together when the first one is ruled by Mars and the second one by the Sun.

    It will be all an explosion of fireworks without limits. Everyone around us loves to see us together and that also helps keep us together, I think. LOL It can work. You just have to be willing. I have been with a Leo man for almost 4 years. We have a mutual love for eachother but yet we are so different. I love my family to the core and would do anything possible for them. For me sex with my man is important. Not even close. Mel, You are an introvert, just like me.

    I am a Leo male and can do some social gatherings but, after 2 or 3 hours, I need to leave. My high score is 6 hours with family members. Your man need to realize that he must conquer you on a daily basis. It sounds like he takes you for granted. Tonya from Brooklyn. If you are a Leo woman,do not date a Leo man. They will always tear you down so that they can feel superior to you. I want to fix things with him and put my emotional neediness aside. Any advice? The worst part is that, yes, we Leo men are selfish. The biggest problem with Leo men is that we become too comfortable with simple routines.

    I know, my wife had to leave me so I could really feel and see how wrong I was. Boring, stagnant, couch potato…. Wow Uncle Sam, lol. Yana have you tried doimg some things he likes as well or os his routine mainly staying at home? Idk try to do some things to spice up your relationship and doing some things he likes to do as well. I love knowing this! I just started dating a Leo male and am so excited about our our future!

    We are off to a fantastic start and met at the perfect time in both our lives. I am sure our headstrong personalities will flash in time when the excitement if the honeymoon stage is past but I already feel he is capable and strong and we will move forward. Thank you for sharing your relationship. This is the first and only Leo male I have wanted to invest in and I am beyond excited to have him in my life!

    I think…. We are just alike. We are just alike I love everything about him. I smiled through this whole thing because it was speaking about us!! Like wow man the only difference is neither one of us are arguers!! The passion and mental stimulation is off the chain and I understand everything he does because we think just alike!!! I have always been afraid to date a Leo man being a Leo woman. However, I am being persued by a Leo man who is absolutelu smart and gorgeous! I am intimidated yet mesmerized by his beauty.

    He has had some rough times. Right now I want to build him up and get him to see his potential to be more. He is extremely intelligent! Just need some tweeking direction and purpose. I just got out of a relationship with an Aquarius and need time to heal. But I am attracted to him and as a Leo woman feel the need to help him.

    If something comes out of it ok. If not ok…. Thanks, Fellow Leo woman. This is so true I am a leo woman and my ex loe man and the passion was out of this world but the mistrust and fighting was also I will love him like no other for always and my leo heart is shattered and will forever be deeply scared.

    Okay… i have a leo friend and i m leo myself. Its just because maybe we both are same and having exact the same nature. Eventually i got a perfect match with whom i can spend my life no matter if we are friends forever. Your article is bang on! We met when I was going through a hard time, which is temporary, but she is so grounded, understanding and just absolutely amazing and in love with me and I her that she has dealt with my issues and is sticking with me she told me she would not usually put up with it.

    They came off as pretty boys, very picky and cocky. I mean how else would I have gotten him to approve to trying an open relationship for my Psychology experiment? I am the same way too and I love how we both have a strong trust within one another. Just use your charm, and have patience with him as he is a King after all and he likes to have things go his way. They are right about Leo men living large because they love to dime out at the finest restaurants, wear name brands or look sharp, take good care of themselves, so if you treat him good, expect great gifts!

    He likes to shower me with admiration and is very genuine. He knows he is very attractive in physical looks, has the great personality, is well endowed. I know he can get any girl he wants but he still remains loyal even after I proposed an open relationship to him. He can get extremely jealous and I honestly consider myself alright in the looks department, I shine brighter in my open minded personality. I expect my partner to be my equal. He can be more submissive than dominant in bed which equals laziness to me. Plus the most ironic part is that he is an introverted male Leo.

    But that is what I love about him too. His introvertedness is what makes him so powerful. He knows a lot of things about a lot of people. People respect him. He never uses his power for evil. He truly is a King in the way he handles himself, and that is why he is the boss everywhere he goes. Many people admire his genuine heart. I spoil him because I truly love and care for him.

    He is the most loyal friend and will not kick you when you are down. Very trustworthy, it just takes time to adjust to him. He is the only man that has ever made me laugh. Biggest nerd I know lol, I love our intellectual conversations. Give us Leos a chance. I met a very nice leo man on Black Christian People Meet 2 weeks ago and we seem to be hitting it off so far.

    Consequently, we have lots of baggage. His birthday is Aug 9 and mine is the 8th. In the past, leo hookups for me have all ended in disasters but I always believed noone else could really understand a leo better than another leo. We have a lot in common and mutual respect. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep us together. So, I just started dating a Cappy man and his so far is one of the sweetest men that I have ever met in my life.

    I just wonder if this is just how it is in the beginning and then things will change. Are Cappy men obsessive or controlling or jealous because I have beenn in a relationship like that before and I swore it would never happen again….. Can two leos last? Especially in a long distance relationship? My boyfriend and i were born on the 8th of August but we are in a long distance relationship. I have known a fellow leo for over 15 years, always had a good connection, and have faded in and out of each others lives. He is a lot like me in the sense of being very generous in every aspect, caring, good hearted, respectful, hard working, etc.

    I am in a Leo Leo relationship and I think its great. We have definitely been through some heated times but it only has made us stronger. How to give in but once they do, its a great match. My Leo is the love of my life.