December 5 lunar eclipse astrology

As I said, I know I'm being nit-picky, but other than those monir errors I truly did enjoy the article. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. This is very helpful! Thank you for making the spin so positive.

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I am very grateful to hear about the blessings and will tell everyone I know to focus on that! Merry Christmas Robert, you are such a part of my life. Every morning I check in to see what you have to say, and it sets the tone for my day. Jai Bhagwan, dear teacher.

Hi Todd - I don't use "th" behind degree numbers as that's my writing style for the sake of speed in composition. I figure after many years and thousands of pages of articles my readers are hip to that. I often just use 9 or 21 or 30 whatever sign but occasionally readers don't know what that means, so I include the word "degrees. That's why I use "30 degrees" as I assume by now my readers know that means the "30th degree. When we are born through our first birthday we are not known as "1 year old. We are then one year old until we complete our second year, when we are called "two years old.

Hi Jorge - Einstein, a good Pisces if ever there was one, was spot on with that thought! Of course the task is to separate out what is truly "intuitive" from the many astral "hunches" we have that often lead us into the proverbial ditch. Intuition is always of the heart, aka "inner knowing," rather than from feelings which sometimes are unreliable.

Hi Sue Moon - Well, back in ancient days when I first started studying the craft, eclipses were known to be very dreadful things. But if we approach them as Lunations of a special sort, then their possible manifestations are stripped of the glamor of childish nightmares and we can see them as periods when the "cosmic recycler" takes our recyclables to the processing plant and we no longer have to have them cluttering our lives. Given that we cannot lose what we need to live, then the only things that are taken away are elements of our past we no longer need.

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Aum and blessings to you. May Divine Mother bring everyone what they need for health, abundance, and true happiness, knowing we all are safely held within Her Supreme protection and nurture. Posted by: Robert December 20, at AM.

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Hello Robert, regarding this eclipse. I want to know how it will affect me and where I am. But I was born in Russia and their time is about 9 hours ahead of us.

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Am i supposed to feel its effect earlier or it matters where you are and not where you were born and that part of the earth. Posted by: Tatyana December 20, at AM. This eclipse and the full moon Gemini seems to be occurring during a void of course moon. Can you confirm this? Eight house eclipse again.. BIG eight house. Old powers and old feelings.. Need to deal with it. Would prefer smelling the flowers - but soon there will be no flowers.. Posted by: ull December 20, at PM. Hello Robert. I have the same question as Tatyana. I was born in Russia and alredy 17 years in Holland.

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By the way my South and North knop Gemini-Sagittarius. Another question: what is more important Birh Chart or Progressed. Becouse for example my moon is in Scorpio, but Progressed moon in Cancer. Is that means that Cancer-Capricorn Eclipces effecting my Chart directly? So this full moon must be significant for me, only I don't know in wich way. I'm libra at 4.

Could you tell me please If it's goed or bad sign when my own Jupiter wil be "eclipsed". Posted by: Irina December 20, at PM. Thank you, Robert for including Sofia in your article! This Lunar Eclipse falls on my natal Jupiter in 5th house and sextile my natal Saturn. I've got also Sun on 16 Capricorn and I appreciate very much your advice about adding some irony in all that's going around Posted by: Bilyana December 20, at PM.

Makes so much sense and makes me aware how considerate that cosmos really is, clearing up our mess and clutter and sending it all to the big spirtual processing plant so we can start afresh and appreciate the space that clutter filled! Love it. This eclipse is conjunct my venus, square my saturn and chiron Is powerful.

Is ultmimately good for me! Posted by: mary December 20, at PM. Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will. Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina. Aum and blessings! As I've explained in previous Full Moon articles, From the NASA site I'm sorry, I know I'm being nit-picky here, but LOL, I just messed up myself ThankYou Robert Wilkinson!!!

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Hi Robert, This eclipse and the full moon Gemini seems to be occurring during a void of course moon. Love, Terri in Joburg. Thank you, Kind Regards, Irina. Search AquariusPapers. Subscribe to this blog's feed. Any tendency, habit or issue that is hidden or buried in the darkness that is ready to be addressed will become illuminated during this time. What a wonderful way to tidy up loose ends for You can still choose to respond in a mature way regardless of what happens or gets triggered.

Be well. Healing the emotional residue or stuck issues is essential to get to into the clear feeling space. Like rocks being tumbled in a river, we may feel a bit jostled and tossed about too. Yet we may just feel polished and shiny when all is said and done. With eclipses and the strong energies happening, there is potential for Earth shifts, unusual weather patterns or major issues erupt on a global scale. Remember, it is a time of allowing old things to come to an end than struggling to keep them alive for no reason.

Go into Holiday Shopping or social Holiday parties prepared! Do your best not to.

First, Feel whatever emotions arise. Then allow the insight and understanding to help you logically think about or observe things. There is possibility of mix-ups, mix signals, confused communication, emotions and actions. Energy may feel scattered or depleted now.

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There may be jabbing remarks, sharp verbal attacks which trigger emotional reactions happening. It is wise to conserve and comfort yourself where you need to. Overall the energies may feel very jittery and high-strung. Breathe and deep breathe. Let go of the struggle and allow the flow of energy to happen. A shift of perception, thinking and feeling is very possible as you work with the potential of this energy. There is some energy of impatience, we all want our wishes to come true sooner, tomorrow morning if possible, yet of course it is not possible.

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This energy can bring with it high materialism, it can also bring understanding on how to break out of the chains of wishing for more stuff into a free wise attitude towards personal and global resources. This should be good for communications, relationships, getting clear about short term and long term ideals, and finding the protection we need to be calm and lucid as we navigate the fogs and mists of our times. Follow your thoughts and reflections into decisions and actions, and then get clear about how and what you feel related to those decisions and actions.

We now have to simply get over inner jitters as we see clearly what we value, what nourishes us, and how to use our wisdom and knowledge to do what we do excellently.

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This will help us release perceptions and views of the future so that we can embrace new ideas and new futures that are more in line with ideals, values, and visions we really care about. The powerful beginnings of March through May that began to be solidified in May have now established peaceful, gentle wisdom patterns that can slowly and steadily bring us to whatever we need to confirm to anchor a new truth and future.

For everyone, new horizons beckon! Interesting that this is exactley how I was feeling today. I glad I now know why. Alexey says: Dec 16, Reply.