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Indira Gandhi ji , moon is the lord of lagna — moon is second strongest in digbala at Saturn sits in her lagna or ascendant. One has to note that she got unfortunately killed in the dasha or main period of Saturn the lord of the seventh bhava and aspecting the seventh bhava moon. The Saturn shani rahu period runs and rahu functions like Saturn as it absorbs energy of Saturn in the dasha. Rahu is with Venus or shukra in the sixth bhava from the lagna.


But essentially Saturn seems to be the killer. Rahu simply gives unexpected events. Strength of 8 th Eighth bhava for smt. Indira Gandhi ji For the kundli or horoscope Birth chart of smt. Indira Gandhi ji, the eight houses or bhava is ruled by Saturn, so Saturn defines the conditions of death as well.

Also one has to note the aspect of Jupiter the sixth lord in d1 and ketu conjunct with Saturn. In the d9 or navamsa chart. Now ketu behaves like mars and is an aggressive planet. Malefic Hemming considerations- eighth bhava lord and also lagna In the kundli or horoscope Birth chart of smt.

Date order is specified by you in your Windows settings, and then the Special Uranian program automatically adapts to that. For example, I am using the international scientific and computer technology format of Y. D in the examples presented here. So I click on the box at the upper left corner of the data matrix box, and a small window appears asking me to enter the new date manually. I enter the entire event date as Just as in Solar Arc. In fact, halfdistances are in effect the midpoint of the distance between two planets, and reflect the same mathematical principles.

However, the degree of the halfdistance is not the same as the degree of the midpoint. The measurement of a halfdistance begins with 0 as the longitude of the the planet being measured from; while the measurement of planetary longitude begins with 0 as the beginning of the zodiac, i. The notations for both are the same, but the degree values of both are not the same.

You do not need to know how these values are calculated in order to use Distances and Halfdistances, as the Special Uranian program does the calculationg for you. Ruth points out that the same configurations recur about Thus both events have impacts on her of similar planetary nature. In the case of her marriage, she married an independent professional AS.

KR , and the marriage involved many and extended separations AS. AD as both partners were highly active professionals in different fields. MA indicates the emotional ardency of her involvement in the relationship, and that it would be one where she was publicly active. Ruth interpreted this as "The future out in public, involving direct public contact, following extensive success as an influential woman making new beginnings for the future".

I leave it to you to correlate the keywords with the planets involved. Complementary Arc I ask you now, using keywords from our list, or the Rulebook, or your own prior knowledge, how do those contacts describe her assassination and departure from this plane of existence?

Rajiv Gandhi Birth Chart | Rajiv Gandhi Kundli | Horoscope by Date of Birth Politician

Ruth writes about this turning point: "Energies are blocked due to sudden interactions, as a woman dynamic in public departs from this world. There was excitement and surprise in the environs. Ruth continues in commenting that this is only one example of how the Special Uranian program enlightens us in referring to planetary configurations correlating directly with worldly events in our lives today.

Now, not only does Uranian Astrology prove out physically manifest events, but it also can describe the metaphysical realities such as our psychological states. The physical and psychological are intimately and inseparably interrelated, and both impact our lives in very significant ways. The Mandala that first appears shows a full 2 degrees between each of the 3 axes used for analysis listed in the upper left corner , therefore we do not need to select alternate axes.

A look at the sector categories at the top and left margin of the Mandala show that Indira is both primarily introverted in the Jungian sense , and is strongly driven by instincts from the unconscious, the soul. The most strongly occupied sector indicates that she derives great persistence and staying-power from the energies of collective unconscious, for as long as her sense of justice does not lead to excesses outside the limits of convention.

Looking to the opposite side of Mandala, we see that her activities require self-denial, and she her actions relating to others are stressful. Which planets correlate with this? Upper sectors in relation to the whole: She has difficulty realizing intellectual and ideological concepts, as she is not fully conscious in those matters.


She lacks inner balance between body-spirit-soul, and introversion-extroversion. She is primarily a woman of the soul, of the collective instincts. In closing, I want to mention that I also noted the absences of Venus, Hades, and Kronos, and how the Venus absence might correlate with the extended separations from her husband, and the Hades and Kronos absences with her martyrdom and criticism by others of the ruling classes. Another comment about the earlier predictive technique: Note that Complementary Arc is symmetrical, and its value waxes and wanes between 0 degrees and You do not need to fully understand the mathematical foundations of Complementary Arc in order to use it, as long as you have a program such as Special Uranian, which creates the tables for you, and calculates Complementary Arc values for you.

Multiple Planets - Impact analysis - (Late) Rajiv Gandhi

It of course also calculates the Mandala for you. Ruth has emphasized to me that the Mandala should be used primarily as tool to summarize the chart holistically My own tendency is to look at individual components of the Mandala and then think about synthesizing them to create a whole picture of the individual; following this tendency, I wrote the following, which Ruth has reviewed and approved for posting. You may want to view the Uranian Mandala for Indira Gandhi, and can do so via the Special Uranian program, or I have also posted a copy as 'MdIGandhi' in the Photos section of our group, which you can access and print now.

And remember that a black dot represents strong presence of the marked planet along these three midpoint axes; while each small circle indicates an absence of the marked factor along one of the three axes. Each of the nine incarnations of the powerful Goddess Durga has a specific mantra. Reciting these mantras in the festival of Navratri is sure to bring Login Or Register.

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He was unwittingly drawn into this role, when his mother, late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, was assassinated in The nation reeled under the tragedy, and the young, trained commercial pilot, who never had really aspired to be a part of the political drama, was called on to fill his mother's daunting shoes. Rajiv Gandhi, the soft spoken man with a heart-warming smile, then became the Indian Prime Minister.