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And all the spaces between the two. The translation of one into the other might result in a unison or a parallel harmony of some sort. That resulting harmony or unison would have a holographic relation to the individual, similar to that of the individual to the astrological chart. Except, we can listen to this one.

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I tend to think of each human being as a vibration. Our birthdate is a reasonable place to call the beginning of that vibration as we can be consistent about it with most everyone we look at.

It makes sense to think of Jimi in the key of F, to which C is the perfect 5th. But his Virgo D throws in a wild card, a monkey wrench, the flatted 5th, once known as the diabolus in musica , the dreaded tritone, whose sounding is reputed to have been punishable by death in less enlightened times this could be where those sunny melodies get twisted. Go easy on your wrist as you do so! Study of their relative significances could be useful in that case.

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  • I may get to this in the future. Monophonic instruments may be less ideal as you will most likely only be able to hear the notes in sequence, rather than simultaneously as a chord. Remember that each note in your chord can be treated as the tonic or root. The notes are equidistant from each other, their relations in stasis or perhaps in a state of constant dynamic interplay… or both.

    The resulting music is often an accurate descriptor of how individuals relate to each other. I would think in any case that such a relationship would be very energetic, for good or ill. Either way, this is as harmonious as you could ask for.

    If your friend is older, then you are their fourth—a bit unresolved, possibly some tension over who sets the tone for the relationship. If you were born close to each other, you can treat each year as an octave. Someone born in might get all their notes clustered around the A hz above middle C, whereas someone born in might have their notes clustered around the A below middle C. Understanding who is the bass note is important in any relationship, as well as understanding how other individuals might feel about that.

    I assume all readers are sensible enough to understand that dominating the scene is not in every case desirable.

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    And the Muhurthas come in various ranges and styles. The time period when Sun is in the second Drekanna of Virgo or Kanya, is celebrated as Navaratri, and this Muhurtha extends for approximately 10 days. The Zodiac sign Virgo denotes a virgin lady who is fertile ie ready to procrate and in prime youth.

    When the Sun enters this Zodiac, he heats up the zodiac and the femine energies in the living beings considerably. These energies will be at the peak when the Sun transits the middle drekanna of the sign, and naturally those dimensions in humans gets activated. There are very advanced Kriyas that will be followed during the Navaratri by Saints, Aghoris and Tapasvis. However, the simplest way to get the blessings of the Devi is to chant the respective Devi Mantras times during the twilights ie either during Sunrise and Sunset.

    The below table summarizes the various forms of the Devi, the respective thithis, planets and mantra that needs to chanted to invoke the devi and take her blessings. We encourage all our readers to do this, and share your spiritual experience with us.


    Our beloved Editor-in-Chief shared his thoughts on Vastu Shastra with reference to temples, spirituality and sanctity and the Vastu relevance to them. A once in a life-time opportunity just concluded recently in the ancient city of India, Kanchipuram. Commonly known as the Athi Varadhar festival or cermony, this is one of the most auspicious ceremony that takes place once in every 40 years. Millions of devotees from around the world thronged this temple to get the blessings of Lord Varadharaja or a divine form of Lord Vishnu.

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    The deity, at 9 feet tall, is made of Athi wood or Fig tree wood. Smt Sushma Swaraj was one of the greatest leaders that India produced. She achieved greatness through her actions, she had courage in defining moments, and she was driven to change the India for good. She was the country's youngest-ever Cabinet Minister, the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi and the first woman spokesperson for any national political party.

    Her last stint was as the Ministry of External Affairs in Modi 1. There are several notable features in her horoscope — from the famous Hamsa Yoga, one of the pancha mahapurusha yoga, to several yogas that defined her as a leaders par excellence. Jyotisha is unique among contemporary astrological traditions in that, apart from the technical differences between Hindu and other forms of astrology, there is extensive literature that exists on remedies in Vedic Astrology.

    It is contained in the most ancient texts of Jyotisha; there are references to remedies that exist in natal charts, and there has always been a market for Hindu Astrology remedies. Some of these remedies have been practiced in India for perhaps thousands of years; others have developed and emanated from different parts of the world.