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Unlike Aries, who usually needs to be self-employed to succeed, you do well in behemoth, multi-national companies where the next position above you will be clear and well defined. You can easily aim for that role. Capricorn is a big-money sign, so you tend to be asked to oversee a responsible financial role.

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Your trustworthiness and sensible, practical wisdom make you a perfect choice. If anyone wanted someone to hold his or her wallet for several hours or years , you would be the one to choose, as every dollar would be in that wallet when the person returned. If finance does not interest you, you would do well in industries that deal with items of value of the past: antiques, landmark homes, old stamps, historical autographs, gold Krugerrands and other bullion, as well as estate jewelry, as examples.

When you marry, you marry for life. Saturn, your ruler, teaches you to make long-term commitments and plans, and as a partner, you will work to build a life that will be bigger than any you could have built alone. This is your practical side speaking—you are not about to run to Las Vegas to marry an artist who has never sold a painting or a poem.

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It may surprise you to know that some of our greatest comics are Capricorns, mainly because Saturn, your serious ruler, makes you joke about subjects we all care about quite deeply. Capricorn is not afraid to confront the serious side of life and then poke a little fun at it. If a relative or friend is seriously ill, you will show your exceptional talent by bringing consistent comfort and cheer to that person.

Those around you appreciate your quiet, polite, patient demeanor and the way you are able to keep your emotions even-keeled, no matter what life events are tossed at you. Your clothing choices almost always veer toward beautiful, classically cut designs in neutral colors.

You favor natural fabrics of wool, cashmere, fine cotton, silk of all kinds, and other such fibers. You love cream, milkshake white, chocolate brown, caramel, butterscotch, and old standbys of camel, black, and navy. Your handbag is usually large, more of a tote than a purse to handle your many papers and folders, and created by a name designer. People meeting you for the first time may assume you are from a pedigree family, as you remain elegantly serene, even when under stress, and use your sharp sense of realism and objectivity to solve the problem at hand. No matter how busy your schedule, you find time for family, and you may also find time for community service, charity, or humanitarian concerns.

I will get up early to write my two last forecasts, Aquarius and Pisces for October. It's a major month, lots to say! We will post tomorrow late afternoon. We will post your October forecast tomorrow afternoon, October 1.

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We have a monster new moon, October 27 that is requiring a lot of explanation--Scorpio was 4, words. I am writing Capricorn now, then will have Aquarius and Pisces to do. I care about you! I'll be back, promise! If you want to learn astrology, check out my friend Rebecca's beginner's astrology course, starts this week--Oct 3-Dec 19, 12 weeks long, it's online so you can join from anywhere in world, and will have materials for life.

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Happy Birthday Libra! Today, Sat. Venus will be in great harmony w.

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This new moon will color first 10 days of October, so while I write your Oct forecast, see my Sept report--I talk a lot about Sept 28 at end. Hi readers, I am writing Leo, and that is why I am not here so much. I miss being on Instagram. October will be a mixed month--some really good, some really tense days. We all have to run for coverafter the new moon in Scorpio Oct Get all key things done early in October.

Not to worry, just have a strategy —I will help you. We'll have so much fun! Do you want to learn astrology?

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My friend Rebecca is offering beginner's astrology course Oct 3-Dec 19, it's online so you can join from anywhere in world, plus there are two in-person classes in beautiful Tribeca, NYC loft, meet your classmates. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Plus tard.

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