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Confessions of a Horoscope Writer

Concert Review. It's easy enough to see why, and it's not just because I personally upset all those editors. Well, not all of them. The article reports on junior office staff being sent for a quick day's training so that they can write the horoscopes themselves.

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There are also plenty of free horoscopes on offer out on the web, with no particular guarantee about the expertise of who has written them. And big names syndicate the same thing, over and over and over and over again, for peanuts as far as individual clients are concerned.

Or there's always the DIY option - I have actually been told by one former client that the staff will just make them up from now on, without even any attempt to do it properly.

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After all, can the general public tell the difference? To an astrologer, reading that today mercury is opposite Leo or that Jupiter is in Venus I'm not making this up is kinda red flag material, but does Joe Public really know or care whether they're being fed rubbish? Perhaps it doesn't matter.

After all, it's all "for entertainment purposes only". On the other hand, to find yourself suddenly dropped in favour of something cobbled together in the intern's coffee break can be irritating. Properly calculated and written with some thought, horoscopes can be very hard work, as anyone who writes or has written them will know. It's a lot of words and a constant demand; it's heavily time consuming and frankly a pain the bum to keep coming up with new and fresh ways of saying the same old thing, day in, day out.

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But you know, it's a steady income if you build up a good portfolio of clients. And it does mean that you can focus on your consultancy work or your other writing without the big pressure to make so much money from that; if horoscopes are paying the bills, it's easier to indulge your higher intentions elsewhere. I still get regular enquiries from potential clients about horoscope writing. Only trouble is that the calibre of the enquiries has sunk through the floor. All Football. Jennifer Newton Helen Thomas. When is Mercury in retrograde in ? More on space and astonomy.

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